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Make Gingerbread People

With your little one.

In this series of videos, Susan guides you step by step in baking gluten-free gingerbread people with your child. She guides through every step, from mixing the dough to decorating with royal icing and ideas for other ways to decorate, too. This series includes lots of practical tips on how to make baking a joyful experience for everyone! Of course, you can make your cookies any shape you like; they will always taste delicious. And be sure to listen to the gingerbread man story from our story section!

You’ll want to print out the recipe for a full list of ingredients to assemble before you begin. Also included is a pdf of what equipment you’ll want to have on hand. Also, be sure to allow plenty of time - including time for the dough to chill before you roll it out.

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Gingerbread People Recipe


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Royal Icing Recipe

Part 1: Make the dough

Prepare all the ingredients, get everything ready and then mix the dough together. This video includes lots of helpful hints for cooking with your little one.

Duration 15:17

Part 2: Some ideas for decorating your cookies

While your dough is chilling, think about how you want to decorate your cookies. You can leave them plain, add dried fruits and seeds before baking, add icing--and a few other ideas.

Duration 03:29

Part 3: Rolling and cutting out the cookies

Now that the dough is chilled, it’s time to roll it out and make your gingerbread people - or whatever shapes of cookies you want to make.

Duration 14:05

Part 4: Removing the baked cookies from the pan

Removing cookies from the pan to cool is an important step--probably one for the grown-ups to do.

Duration 05:26

Part 5: Mix the royal icing

This simple icing is easy to make--and vegan. Mix it up with your child and add food coloring, if desired. Also, Susan demonstrates how to make a pastry bag from a plastic baggie.

Duration 05:25

Part 6: Icing the gingerbread people

It’s time to decorate those cookies--spread or pipe the icing and add sprinkles, if you want. Then enjoy!

Duration 05:32

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