Experience how to make parenting easier!

Lectures that grow your mindfulness & empathy with yourself & your child

With Pia Dögl, International Keynote Speaker, Certified Parent Coach and Hypnotherapist, Author & Founder of Beginning Well®

Parenting Expert Pia Dögl speaks In-person & virtual at conferences, schools & parent education groups across the world.
Having helped thousands of parents bringing empathy & peace into their homes, Pia knows how to guide families in a simple yet deep way towards a fulfilling family life.

“The easiest way to describe my approach is that I provide tools to make both children and parents feel truly seen and appreciated in their unique beings. To accomplish that, we parents have to work on being more aware of our own needs, feelings, habits & trigger points.”

Pia gives parents hands-on tools they can use today to help kids unfold their independence, foster their cooperation, as well as nurturing their capacity to self-regulate emotions. Unlike other approaches which remind you of your failings as a parent, Pia reminds parents with compassion, inspiration, and practical solutions, of their own deep wisdom.

Whether your event is live or virtual, Pia will leave you feeling calmer, and more present to the joy in family life, with more mindfulness and a renewed appreciation for your own precious being and a trustful relationship with your child and partner or co-parent.

“Thank you so much for giving such a warm and beautiful talk at our Conference yesterday. This was greatly appreciated by the participants and we have already had fantastic feedback. We are very grateful for giving up your time but also for the real connection between you and the audience despite the medium of Zoom.Sam Greshoff, Pikler UK Association Committee

To book a lecture or speaking event virtual or In-Person, please contact us at info@beginningwell.com.

Some Recent Speaking Events & Workshops:

  • Keynote Speech at the Global Early Childhood Conference, Shanghai, China
    Topic: How can we nurture traumatized babies & toddlers in a residential facility? Pia’s experiences as the co-founder of a temporary home for neglected babies and toddlers based on the Waldorf & Pikler principles
  • Lecture at the Future of Childhood Event, University Witten/Herdecke, Germany
    Topic: How to shape our empathetic awareness in the Media Age
  • Keynote Speech at the Global Early Childhood Conference in Beijing, China
    Topic: Why creativity is more important than ever for our children
  • Keynote Speech at the Pikler UK Annual Conference
    Topic: Our empathy shapes the future – How can we be more empathetic with ourselves and the child we care for?
  • Keynote Speech at the Global Early Childhood Conference in Beijing, China
    Topic: Build a trusting relationship with children from the very beginning –
    rooted in empathetic awareness
  • 2 day Workshop at the Waldorf Institute of Southern California. Topic: The Key to Empathy for ourselves and our little ones
  • Workshop at the first WECAN (Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America) Birth to Three Conference. Topic: How to be empathetic from the very beginning.

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