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14: Breaking Free from the Limiting Belief of Not Being Good Enough

Do you sometimes feel like you are inadequate as a mom?

Have you internalized the self-belief of working hard and still not being enough? If yes, you are not alone. All too often we moms suffer from negative self-talk that makes us feel incapable and unworthy. That’s why in today’s episode I will talk about how we can transform our mindset into beliefs that calm our nervous system, nurture our well-being and enable us to best care for ourselves and our beloved children.

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In our Beginning Well parenting quiz, a staggering 91% of moms surveyed said they feel inadequate when it comes to caring for their children.But how can we transform our self-limiting thoughts into beliefs and habits that work for us instead of against us, that help us to treat our child with patience and compassion and also to feel good about ourselves?

Very often toxic negative self-talk goes back to a childhood where we might have experienced reactions and treatment that led us to believe that the way we talk, walk or behave is not enough, isn’t acceptable or blamable Because as a child it’s safer to put the blame on us than on the adult caregiver that we rely on, we intelligently internalize the misconception that there is something wrong with us, that we are untrustworthy.

Once we comprehend this untrue self image that’s deeply wired into our mind and body we can choose to think better thoughts about ourselves to acknowledge and appreciate our true being.

To practice that, you can think of three) positive words that value yourself: For example: “I am a powerful, thoughtful and loving mother.” Repeat these words to yourself at least once a day (or more often) to reprogram your negative self-beliefs and emotions of not being good enough that holds you back, keeps you stuck and hiding.

Advice for Moms Who Want to Overcome Self-Doubt

I am deeply convinced that we all come here for a reason, filled with self-confidence and trust.. If we have early experiences that make us feel unworthy or like we have to change who we are, we internalize negative habits, emotions and beliefs about ourselves. This automatically leads to a lack of self-trust and self-worthiness.

Only through growing self-awareness and conscious decision to change the way we think about ourselves, we can change our entire well-being.

Every thought we think has a physical reaction and an emotional response. So changing our mindset is crucial for our well-being and the development of our children

Are you hiding in what’s comfortable …

Or are you willing to step into the identity of who you are as the creator of a fulfilled family and work life?

Want to transform self-limiting beliefs into self-empowerment?

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