“Empathy for me is a daily process. It allows me to reconnect, to feel deeply united with my loved ones and to find new solutions in challenging situations.” Pia Dögl, Parenting advocate & founder Beginning Well Everyday

We have the same needs as our children:

  • To feel seen and accepted the way we truly are
  • To experience trust in who we are and what we do
  • To unfold our full potential, bringing to life who we came here to be 

Of course, we and our children are on different developmental levels.


If we don’t feel seen and appreciated, we get frustrated.

Babies start to cry, we adults might explode unexpectedly, start yelling, or cry, too.

We all need moments every day to experience:

  • Full attention and appreciation
  • Time to allow our own unconscious wisdom and intuition to guide us to do what feels right
  • Encouragement to be a creator, realizing each action we take makes a difference

Let empathy be your guide

As you create a trusting parent child relationship. Our expert support will empower
you to nourish yourself and your family- even during challenging times.

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